Wolf Interactive have worked with companies to come up with completely bespoke Digital Marketing strategies.

14 January 2021

We met with one company owner who wanted to grow engagement on their social media platforms. We discussed as to why, how he had tried to do this previously, and what his end goal was.

Following the above, we put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which would drive engagement for him at minimal cost. This would all be done via social media for social media but with competition winners.

We came up with several ideas for the competitions for this company. He loved them all. We advised as to how we should stagger these and what social media posts would be generated for him.

We costed this competitively as this company owner had already done a fair bit of business with us and we wanted to foster the working relationship that we had with him.

After all this, the company owner was happy to proceed, and Wolf interactive carried out the digital marketing campaign as per the specification presented to the company owner.

Engagement, on the social platforms, took an upturn as intended and the company owner didn’t have to worry about doing a thing as Wolf Interactive took care of it all.

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