We are a one-stop digital marketing agency having the bandwidth and strength that helps us to execute campaigns efficiently and at scale.

Our strategies and approach are well-defined and focused such to minimise the time to returns. Combining expert analysis, user insights, and research to lay the groundwork for an effective online presence. Capitalising on carefully designed UX, encouraging users to both follow and engage your business through popular social media channels.

Let's get your brand in front of the right audience!

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Some people claim to be social media marketing experts, and others can prove it. We are a company with a proven track record. The Wolf Interactive team were early adopters of social media.

Since then, we have assisted many clients to establish on social networks relevant to their business, have devised numerous social media strategies, have run tons of social media campaigns, and have provided social media training to hundreds of businesses through webinars, programs, workshops and in one-on-one consults.

Our range of social media services cater for most budgets and circumstances however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.


What's even possible on social media?

Social media can help achieve a lot of different things, but in order to get results, it’s important to get clear on EXACTLY what it is you are hoping to achieve from a social media campaign or regular posting. Below are a range of a few objectives social media can help with to get you thinking about what you need. Please note, some of the objectives below require larger financial investment than others to achieve.

  • Brand Awareness + Reach

    Just starting our? You probably need to start with this objective so people can get to know, like and trust you online.

  • Grow Likes + Followers

    Want to grow the size of your audience to establish a more credible presence? Let us help you build your audience.

  • Video Viewers

    Gone to the trouble of making video content? Get more eyeballs on it with this objective!

  • Traffic

    Need more website traffic or to a specific page? Social media can be a great way to bring people to your website.

  • Event Promotion

    Need to get the word out about your upcoming conference, workshop or event? Social media can help that too.

  • Engagement

    Want people liking, sharing and commenting on your posts so more people see it? Then this is the objective for you!

  • Competition + Giveaways

    Want to get people to enter your competition via messenger or straight in to your database? Social media can do that too!

  • Messages + Leads

    Want people to enquire via direct message on your social channels or to complete lead forms? This is the objective for you.

  • Sales + Conversions

    Sales or conversions in terms of downloads or sign ups are possible if you have focused on other objectives in earlier stages.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for industry-defining brands.

Social media is integral to building a brand in the digital-first world we live in. You know that but maybe you’re not quite seeing the results you were expecting? We use our up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing platforms, our expertise in storytelling and our understanding of human behaviour to get your brand in front of the people who will love it straight away.

How we can help?

We don’t just offer professional website design services, we can help with so much more


Websites that allow your customers to find exactly what they need, encourages more engagement and more sales.


Our highly skilled team of professionals boast years of experience and include national and internationally known brands within our portfolios.


As human beings we are visual monsters and good quality images coupled with first class design services creates positive engagement.


Wolf Interactive create stunning brand designs and artwork for you to use for your company’s stationery or printed media.


Our carefully planned and executed advertising campaigns offer the optimal return on investment (ROI)


Great digital marketing can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales.

Total end-to-end solutions

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