What on earth is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

14 January 2021

Put simply, it is the process of improving your websites organic visibility for relevant searches. Wolf Interactive have found, increasingly, that more and more people are scrolling past the sponsored ads and going straight to the organic search results, so it pays to be up there.  

Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing, and we are constantly monitoring them. Each Search Engine has hundreds of ranking factors and signals which then go onto determine the order that pages will appear in the search results for any given search term.  

We are one of the few companies to offer integrated SEO on website build. This is something that can be retrofitted if you’ve just had your website done and all of a sudden, you’re not ranking on the search results.  

We, also, offer ongoing SEO. This is where we continually monitor your website and ensure that it is optimised as best possible so that you are getting the best results from your website.  

We can run a free report to check your SEO ranking, if this is of interest then please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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