e-Commerce… We’re moving into a digital era, now more than ever

14 January 2021

We’re moving into a digital era, now more than ever. More people than ever do the entirety of their shopping online. Wolf Interactive are seeing more and more businesses that sell products move to e-commerce websites rather than their previous “call to action”, static websites.

Wolf Interactive have taken on some large e-commerce projects since their incorporation and have done so without a flinch.

We undertook the creation of a website for one company who, when they sent the data over, for their e-commerce shop, sent the data as a complete minefield.

Never the less, Wolf Interactive plodded on and waded through the data that had been sent over. We were unable to use the methods that we usually would due to the state of the data we had received as such we had to take a longer and more time consuming and resource heavy method but we did this to until we were sure that the job was done.

The above was alongside designing a bespoke website for the e-commerce website to operate on along with integrated search engine optimisation. We, also, undertook social media management for this client and achieved some fantastic results.

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