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Google is announcing Core Web Vitals will become ranking signals in May 2021 in an update that will also combine existing UX-related signals.

The ‘page experience’ signal combines Core Web Vitals with the following signals: Mobile-friendliness Safe-browsing HTTPS-security Intrusive interstitial guidelines Core Web Vitals were introduced earlier this year and are designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a page. Specifically, these are defined as the Core Web Vitals: Largest Contentful Paint:…
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Make your business flourish in 2021

2020 was a hard time for us all and 2021 seems to be heading in the same direction but this could be the time to make your business flourish. Do you want to know how? Let us start by rewording the term “lockdown” and think of it as the time to adapt and grow. When…
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e-Commerce… We’re moving into a digital era, now more than ever

We’re moving into a digital era, now more than ever. More people than ever do the entirety of their shopping online. Wolf Interactive are seeing more and more businesses that sell products move to e-commerce websites rather than their previous “call to action”, static websites. Wolf Interactive have taken on some large e-commerce projects since…
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We have a team of website developers to make sure that we go above and beyond expectations every single time.

Are you looking for a fully custom, engaging, and amazing website?   We have a team of website developers to make sure that we go above and beyond expectations every single time. We don’t just work from templates; we create fully bespoke sites tailored to our customers’ requirements which carry on our customers’ branding throughout.   We…
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A picture paints a thousand words – but when it’s a 60 second moving picture it’s worth 1.8 million words – Dr. James McQuivey | Forrester Research.

Videography; moving images, they’re engaging. Even if an individual isn’t particularly interested in the subject matter it’s hard to tear yourself away from watching them. If someone leaves a TV on in a room, then it’s hard not to watch it.   At Wolf Interactive we use various methods to create either animated or recorded videos…
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Are you making the best of your social media platforms?

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube….  Wolf Interactive can conduct a free review with you to see how your platforms are looking and advise on what we can do for you.   Wolf Interactive have numerous customers for this service across different industries. Each service is customised to each different customer. What is appropriate…
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What on earth is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Put simply, it is the process of improving your websites organic visibility for relevant searches. Wolf Interactive have found, increasingly, that more and more people are scrolling past the sponsored ads and going straight to the organic search results, so it pays to be up there.   Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing, and we are…
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Wolf Interactive have worked with companies to come up with completely bespoke Digital Marketing strategies.

We met with one company owner who wanted to grow engagement on their social media platforms. We discussed as to why, how he had tried to do this previously, and what his end goal was. Following the above, we put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which would drive engagement for him at minimal cost.…
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Brand and Print Design covers an array of services that Wolf Interactive are pleased to offer.

It can start with a logo design. The word “logos” originates from Ancient Greek meaning “reason” or “plan”. That’s exactly why you start out with a logo and what you get when Wolf Interactive create a logo for you; a reason, a plan for your business. We won’t provide you with something generic, you’ll get…
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Photography has come a long way since it was first invented.

The first still image being captured by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826, however the term “photography” wasn’t coined until 1839 and that was by Sir John Herschel from the Greek words “phos” (meaning light) and “graphê” (meaning drawing or writing). The word photography means “drawing with light”. This is particularly apt given the use of the…
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Social Media Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

Social media marketing can help with a number of goals, such as: Increasing website traffic Building conversions Raising brand awareness Creating a brand identity and positive brand association Improving communication and interaction with key audiences The bigger and more engaged your audience is on social media networks, the easier it will be for you to…
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Social Media Marketing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Our carefully crafted social media marketing campaigns are designed to focus on lead generation, not just likes. Split testing audiences, messaging and design to create a steady stream of new enquiries for your sales team. We take the complexity out of social media marketing, so you can focus on converting leads and driving revenue. Our Specific…
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How to claim an inactive or desired twitter username

Many people don’t realise that just because a desired Twitter handle is already taken by either a competitor trying to make things difficult or even an ex-employee that you no longer have contact with. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t claim it back. Twitter’s inactive user policy allows people to reclaim inactive accounts after 6…
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5 Useful Tips to Maximise the Power of Social Media for Your Business

It’s the 21st century and social media is now part of our daily lives not only from a social point of view, but from a professional point of view as well. Utilising social media to its full potential can have a long-lasting positive impact on your business, you can discover new target audiences and promote your…
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