Are you making the best of your social media platforms?

14 January 2021

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…. 

Wolf Interactive can conduct a free review with you to see how your platforms are looking and advise on what we can do for you.  

Wolf Interactive have numerous customers for this service across different industries. Each service is customised to each different customer. What is appropriate for a B2C customer probably won’t be apt for a B2B customer. We, also, review what type of clientele you are targeting and how best to capture their attention.  

Not only do we look at the best platforms but we, also, review when is the best time of day to post so that we can make sure you’re being seen by the people you want to be seen by. 

Of course, all this would be nothing without the content. We create on trend, colour coordinated to any existing branding you have, content for you along with the captions with integrated, researched, business key terms. We ensure that we post enough to push engagement for you and your business page but not too much that we put your existing followers off by flooding their newsfeed.  

Should you wish, we can, also, either set your platforms up from scratch or make sure your existing ones are set up for the best possible results.  

All of this is great for something called your “social signal” which is something else that Google and other search engines will pick up on and will help you organically appear towards the top of the search rankings.  

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